Cambridge Culture

Cambridge is the highly spirited, slightly mischievous side of Boston, located just a bridge away on the other side of the Charles River. Packed with international flair and a youthful vitality, Cambridge is a city where counter-culture still lives, classic culture thrives, and multicultural is a way of life.

Just across the river from Boston, Cambridge offers an exciting multicultural setting where visitors from around the world mingle in the shadow of two of the world's premier educational institutions: Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Teeming with cafes, bookstores, and boutiques, Cambridge is often referred to as "Boston's Left Bank".

As a captivating, off-beat alternative to Boston, the "Squares" of Cambridge are charming neighborhoods rich in adventurous dining options as well as unique shopping, theatres, museums, and historic sites. Located between the academic powerhouses of Harvard and MIT, Central Square is the seat of City government and is home to a rich variety of international restaurants and music clubs. Harvard Square, located around the historic brick walls of the country's oldest university, is a mecca for dining, shopping, books, and entertainment. Historically, Inman Square is a bustling shopping district and today is home to a bounty of unique restaurants offering cuisine of unparalleled excellence and diversity.

Just a bridge away from Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood, Kendall Square is home to MIT and the heart of Massachusetts' booming high tech and biotechnology industries. In North Cambridge, Porter Square boasts the region's largest concentration of Japanese eateries and shops including a popular Japanese bookstore.

Our legacy here at Brattle Associates Real Estate is as rich and vital as Cambridge itself.  When the heart of Cambridge beats, we beat with it.  Let our highly focused, knowledgeable staff introduce you to Cambridge, the city as well as Cambridge, the way of life!